Train Smarter.
Play Better.
Live Bigger.

A holistic training system built for any lacrosse player. 

Hi, I'm Daria

And My Goal is For YOU to Hit YOURS! ✅

I mentor & guide athletes who want to get the most from their lacrosse training so they can enhance & maximize their potential not just on the field but where its most important for them personally.

Whether it’s to feel your best, beat the mental-game, increase Lax IQ, or bring more enjoyment & knowledge to your journey…

I provide a proven, personalized, and purposeful system to training that works.

My Lax Training is Different.

The Game is Rapidly Changing + Training needs to EVOLVE to keep up.
LT Training Experiences are designed To Create LASTING Changes In Player's Careers. 🔐

Whether CAMP, CLINIC, or ONLINE TRAINING 👉 We Individually Drill Lax Specific Segmentation, Resistant, & Progression Based Work:


Lax Specific Movement Efficiency: Technical Training for Precision + Quickness in Releases/ Separation. Injury Prevention w/ Perturbation, & Proprioception work. Aqua tanks & foot prep.

Skill Under Pressure

Creative Drills built to make Lax Skill 2nd Nature. Training for Lax Gives, Gets, & Haves with Stick resistance. Band work, fitness ball, weight laces, & reactive partner work.

Combination training

Stacking Skill + Athleticism for executing under pressure. Movement awareness, Contact absorption & Cognitive Processing in tight angles, & awkward positioning.

The Holistic System for Lax Players.

Developing the Complete Lacrosse Player ✅

When it comes to reaching your lacrosse goals, You need to learn how to train in a system. 

You already prioritize the lax-life, so you want to ensure that you’re getting out what you’re putting in. 

The truth is, you can do all the wall-ball, shooting, & drills you want, but if you don’t train your mind and body you aren’t getting the most from your training.