Portland, ME 📍

Get Ready Portland Area! This is going to be a training experience you will not forget. Don’t believe me❓

⚠️ Please Watch Video (4 min) ⚠️

SATURDAY: 2 Separate Clinics

SUNDAY: 2 Separate Clinics

No, My Clinics Are Different.

This is a Training Experience ✅ Designed to create LASTING changes in Player's Careers.
1️⃣ From Registration 2️⃣ To Our Time Together 3️⃣ To Post Clinic tools + resources

LT Pre-Clinic Assessment

One week before the Clinic, Players will be sent a pre-clinic assessment sheet to take at home.

Evolved Curriculum

All Drills are individually based + cover the 3 core areas that players NEED to succeed in the new game. (Below)

Post-Clinic Tools + Resources

Players will receive a personalized feedback form, a take-home packet, & access to a group chat for questions, challenges for prizes, & free webinars year round.

The Training Model : T.A.S.C.

❌ Skill + Speed are NOT enough for players to succeed in the new game.
Players need to train in a system. This starts at the individual level with:
lacrosse specific - segmentation, resistant, & progression based work.


Lax Specific Movement Efficiency: Technical Training for Precision + Quickness in Releases/ Separation. Injury Prevention w/ Perturbation, & Proprioception work. Aqua tanks & foot prep.

Skill Under Pressure

Creative Drills built to make Lax Skill 2nd Nature. Training for Lax Gives, Gets, & Haves with Stick resistance. Band work, fitness ball, weight laces, & reactive partner work.

Combination training

Stacking Skill + Athleticism for executing under pressure. Movement awareness, Contact absorption & Cognitive Processing in tight angles, & awkward positioning.

Clinics are Built for Attackers + Defenders.

At the fundamental level – The Cliche is true: Everyone plays every position.  Attackers play defense in the ride. Defenders play attack in the clear. And if you really look closely, the movement patterns are the same. Only attack moves forward + defense moves backwards.